Pubs under pressure from rising energy costs

According to the Morning Advertiser more than 28 pubs are closing each week in the UK as they struggle with rising costs.

Not surprisingly one of the biggest price increases they have had to deal with has been utility costs – with 57 per cent of publicans claiming that gas bills are one of their biggest expenditures and 75 per cent citing rising electricity costs.

It’s no surprise that Compliance365 and C365 Cloud are increasingly working with a range of pub companies to help them reduce their energy bills.

At Compliance365 we help organisations and businesses save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint while providing an online solution for all regulatory and compliance documentation.

Compliance365 delivers energy audits on properties to significantly reduce energy bills and delivers a management report on how buildings can be made more energy efficient.

Since its launch, Compliance365 has won significant business from companies with large property estates seeking a cost-efficient solution to managing their energy bills and ensuring all their compliance and regulatory documentation is up to date.

Our clients in the pub market include Marstons – managing 2,400 properties - Charles Wells and Enterprise Inns.

To find out more about our work with pub companies call on 0844 32 70 365


Compliance365 is an independent energy consultancy. We provide advice and guidance on all our services; how to save energy; how to save money on your energy bills; and ultimately how to become more energy efficient. Our aim is to be as cost effective and flexible as possible for our clients.

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