Investment in youth pays off for Compliance365

A big welcome to Lucy Mason, Stephanie Carter and Jed Penny, who are helping Complaince365 to grow in spite of the tough economic conditions and underscore out commitment to helping young people gain their foothold in the world of work.
A series of new appointments at Compliance365 means that more than half of our colleagues, are under the age of 25. Currently, the workforce includes two graduates, three apprentices, two former apprentices and a University of Huddersfield student undertaking a year-long work placement.

Our managing director Malcolm Wallis says: “It’s harder than ever before for young people to find a job. Not only are they competing with their peers for positions, but also people with far more experience in the workplace who have found themselves out of  work due to the tough economic environment. In addition, the rise in university tuition fees has put some young people off that route and many are looking for work straight from sixth form or college.

“From the very beginning it has been important to me as an employer to be able to invest in and give young people the opportunity to prove themselves and take the first step on the career ladder. There is a huge pool of talented young people out there who have skills and ambition but they are a generation at risk of being ‘lost’ because of events beyond their control.”

We help organisations and businesses save money on energy bills and reduce carbon while providing an online depository for all regulatory and compliance documentation. We were founded in September 2010 and have progressed from start-up to employing 25 staff in less than two-and-a-half years.

In February we were named a regional winner of the Local Business Accelerators competition. The competition – backed by the regional press industry, Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden and Business By You – aims to find Britain’s promising young companies with the most growth potential.

One of the company’s latest recruits, 20-year-old marketing co-ordinator Lucy Mason, is doing an apprenticeship in Business Administration. “It was Compliance365’s commitment and investment in young people which attracted me to the company,” she said. “Through apprenticeships, their own NEETs scheme and the recruitment of graduates, they are giving a chance to people like me who have found it really tough to get their first job.

“The company has taken the time to look at the skills each of us have, fit us into the business and then invest in further training which will benefit us for the rest of our lives. As a result, our team is motivated and committed to working hard.”

Stephanie Carter and Jed Penny, both 18, are currently completing apprenticeships in Customer Service, whilst 19-year-old Charlotte Geldard completed her qualification last year. And, former apprentice Daniel Chadwick is one of the youngest energy assessors in the UK at the age of 18.

William Devas, a graduate in Civil and Structural Engineering, and Abuhurairah Dawood, who graduated in Architectural Technology, are both 23 and have just joined Compliance365’s modelling team as technologists.

University of Huddersfield student, Joseph Marsden, is studying ICT and is doing a year-long work placement with Compliance365 as an IT systems assistant. He helps to manage the support desk, and develops and maintains software.

Malcolm says: “Investing in our people is at the heart of our strategy and our commitment to supporting our staff through apprenticeships and further work-based training forms part of this.”


Compliance365 is an independent energy consultancy. We provide advice and guidance on all our services; how to save energy; how to save money on your energy bills; and ultimately how to become more energy efficient. Our aim is to be as cost effective and flexible as possible for our clients.

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