Siemens and sustainability - interview with Roland Aurich, UK chief executive

Roland Aurich, chief executive of Siemens UK, on sustainability, renewable energy and why the northern city of Hull is central to its future plans.

The people of Hull had spent two years playing 'will-they, won't they' when they were finally given the answer they had longed for. German manufacturing giant Siemens announced on 25th March that it was choosing this emerging northern city, along with neighbouring Paull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, as the location for two offshore wind turbine manufacturing plants.

Despite fierce competition from a range of coastal locations across Europe, the game went in Hull's favour because of the UK's place as an offshore wind leader and its own location at the heart of the Humber estuary.

For Siemens, the deal reaffirmed its offshore wind leadership. Some 1,000 direct jobs are expected to be created as part of the deal, which - it is hoped - will help create a renewable energy hub in the Humber region.

The long deliberation process may have made Hull sweat. But Roland Aurich, UK chief executive at Siemens, is certain that the decision is an informed one - a carefully based on a range of economic and geographical factors.

"I would say that the UK has one of the more stable regimes when it comes to making sure we meet our decarbonisation targets and at the same time making sure that capacity is there to avoid the blackouts."

The positive market conditions for offshore wind that Aurich speaks of have led to the UK being described as the 'most attractive' country in the world for investing in the technology.

David Cameron joined the energy secretary Ed Davey in July last year in cutting the ribbon on London Array - the world's largest offshore wind far.

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