Greener heating could bring its rewards

The recent launch of the domestic renewable heat incentive will benefit rural homes that are looking to replace their fossil fuel heating systems, writes Matthew Burton.

The RHI offers quarterly payments for seven years to those who install approved eligible heating systems such as biomass boilers, solar thermal panels and air or ground sourced heat pumps.

The RHI payments should cover the initial investment and possibly even pay for the fuel and maintenance cost over the seven-year agreement period.

Domestic RHI payments to be confirmed as follows:-

Air source heat pumps
7.3p/kw hour
Ground source heat pumps
18.8p/kw hour
Biomass boilers
12.2p/kw hour
Solar thermal
19.2p/kw hour

To ensure efficiency, a Green Deal Assessment must be carried out before applying for the domestic RHI. This will ensure that homes where the new technology is to be installed will be well insulated and energy efficient. There will also need to be an updated energy performance certificate (EPC). To meet these standards, homes will require loft and cavity wall insulation at the very least.

Any estate owner, landowner, farmer or individual living in a rural location currently not on the gas grid, should consider and look into the scheme.

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