Welcome to the Compliance365 blog

Welcome to the Compliance365's blog which provides us with a forum to have a conversation with our clients, those interested in our services and companies seeking advice on all areas relating to new and emerging issues relating to compliance and buildings regulation.

The blog also provides the team at Compliance365 with a platform to tell you about developments at the company and our thoughts on innovation in compliance, technology, smart energy… in fact, anything that takes our fancy. As always we would welcome your comments so don’t be shy!
There are some house rules, however, when commenting on the Compliance365 blog:

It is our policy to review all comments before publishing them, partly to reduce the possibility of spam comments and partly to ensure comments are in line with our list of blogger ethics below. These are based on General Motors’ corporate blogging guidelines and code of ethics:
  • We will tell the truth. We will acknowledge and correct any mistakes promptly.
  • We will not delete comments unless they are spam, off-topic, or defamatory.
  • We will reply to comments when appropriate as promptly as possible.
  • We will link to online references and original source materials directly.
  • We will disagree with other opinions respectfully.
Happy blogging!


Compliance365 is an independent energy consultancy. We provide advice and guidance on all our services; how to save energy; how to save money on your energy bills; and ultimately how to become more energy efficient. Our aim is to be as cost effective and flexible as possible for our clients.

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